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At SPIEL we all want to come together, discover and test new games, by one or two titles, meet people, and in general have a great time. For this to work out for all there are a few rules we have to follow.

Getting along with each other

All of you surely know that one has to be polite, respectful, and considerate when interacting with each other. SPIEL Essen is a place of joy therefor offensive, harassing or threatening behavior is not tolerated. Respect the physical, psychological, social, and personal boundaries of all visitors and follow the rules and laws. Be mindful when handling the games, material or booths and remember, that others want to enjoy them after you as well. If you encounter an problems please talk to an employee of the fair or of us.

We reserve the right to expel visitors not complying to these rules from the show without refund.

Backpacks and other transportation of games

To avoid accidents in the aisles, so-called Cajon backpacks (very large backpacks in which games can be stowed) must not be carried on your back. It is best to pull the backpacks behind you, as well as rolling suitcases or other transport aids, if you watch out for the other visitors.

Costumes, cosplay and disguises

Of course, we are happy if you want to embody your favorite characters at SPIEL or celebrate gaming with a cool costume. At the same time, there are a few things to keep in mind when you come to the show dressed up. You can find what to look out for in our costume and weapon rules.


Costumes must not have sharp corners and edges.

Pikes on arms or collars must be blunt and no longer than 5cm.

If there are protruding "attachments", such as wings or drags on costumes, care should be taken to avoid damaging any objects and to avoid risk of injury and restriction to other visitors.

Loose chains and pieces of metal armor must be firmly attached to the costume.

The wearing of detailed uniforms and the use of certain symbols, especially those of unconstitutional organizations, is prohibited in Germany.

Upper body, private parts and buttocks must be sufficiently covered by clothing, this applies to all genders.

Any dirt or damage caused by wearing the costume must be cleaned up by you personally.


Allowed are:

Imitation weapons and LARP weapons made of foam, rubber, latex, cardboard, soft plastic, wood (maximum 3cm thickness) and thermoplastic materials, max. 1,5 m length.

Shields are allowed up to a diameter of 80 cm if they are not made of metal all the way through.

Bows without real string max. 1,5 m length, flexible and blunted arrows.

Not allowed are:

Cutting and stabbing weapons with sharp or blunt metal blades or with points, such as sabers, machetes, hatchets, morning stars.

Hidden cutting and stabbing weapons e.g. stick swords, knives as key rings.

Knives and one-handed knives (knives with one-handed lockable blade of all kinds (exception are functional pocketknives).

Firearms and ammunition of any condition (loaded, unloaded or unserviceable) requiring a permit as well as those not requiring a permit.

Real-looking imitations of firearms, ammunition, hand grenades and the like (replicas, dummies, decorative weapons).

Crossbows, precision slingshots, throwing weapons.

Brass knuckles, deadly bludgeons, steel rods, batons, choking weapons, nun-chaku.

Irritant spraying devices as well as electric impulse devices ("stun guns").

Pyrotechnics and explosive devices, e.g. firecrackers, rockets, Bengal flares, hand torches.

In case of doubt, the decision made by security personnel is final and cannot be appealed.

Recordings and sharing

Of course, there will be a lot of reports about SPIEL Essen and we would also like to show pictures and recordings from the fair on our social media channels, among others.

By entering the premises, you consent to the free use of your image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and/or recordings of images and/or sound made by us (the organizer) or our agents in connection with the event, as well as their subsequent exploitation in all current and future media (such as in particular in the form of sound and image carriers, via print, as well as digital distribution, e.g. via the Internet).