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Illustrations, art, and comics are also part of the big world of games - and we want to show you this side of our world too. That's why a wide variety of artists present their work and themselves at our Artist Alley. As a visitor, you can buy their art directly on site or even commission a picture or have yourself drawn.

You can find the Artist Alley in hall 5 booth G126.

These artists are at SPIEL Essen with their art:

Anna Kersten

Anna Kersten is an artist and tattooist from Duisburg in the beautiful Ruhr region. She studied art and illustration at the IBKK in Bochum, where she refined and expanded her skills. For three years now, Anna has also been giving her customers unique and individual body art - not at SPIEL though. Her tattoos and paintings are known for their dark and mystical themes.


Freelance artist Ben Urban paints sensual paintings between pagan myths and urban fantasy. His style is influenced by the works of the Pre-Raphaelites, the elegance of Art Nouveau and the eroticism of fantasy pulp covers of the sixties. Under, Ben Urban creates illustrations and graphic design for games, merchandise and cover artwork. As an experienced graphic designer, he delivers work from concept to artwork from a single source.


As TheFriendlyPigeon, Thalia offers a diverse selection of fanart from both well-known and lesser-known media. Her art is available as prints, stickers, cards, buttons, and small crafts. In addition to a wide range of LGBTQ+ content, she also presents her own artwork, which is in the genres of fantasy, sci-fi or horror.


Fyras booth presents a wide variation of fantasy illustrations, most with a love for details and a dreamy touch. These can be purchased as high-quality fine art prints, puzzles and more. She also always offers some commission slots at conventions for special prices.

Leona Rautenbach

As Âme Draco, Leona brings art prints with motifs from the areas of fantasy and horror. Dragons, flowers, and other mythical creatures are the focus of her paintings.

Lena Koops Illustration

Lena Koops is a freelance illustrator from Neuss. She specializes in children's books, educational illustration, and board games. I've had the pleasure of working on cool projects like a plant puzzle for Willa Wunst, an educational workbook about butterflies for Hagemann or my children's book "Do all bees make honey? She loves to convey knowledge or simply spread joy with her illustrations.

Marcel Pille

Marcel Pille received his diploma in airbrush design from the IBKK in Bochum in 2015. His works focus on fantasy, fanart and photorealistic animal portraits. He likes to mix the techniques of traditional painting with airbrush.


Nayth is a French artist who travels all over Europe to sell his illustrations. He drew his first world map in 2018 to inspire readers of his JRPG fanzine. The project was a great success, which is why he started to create a whole series of huge illustrations at the end of 2021, which form an imaginary universe and are also collected in his artbook.


Neophobica is an illustrator and lives with two furry bundles of chaos in beautiful Vienna. In exchange for food and cuddles, the two provide new inspiration for Drakenbun, short slice-of-life comics or other funny characters. When she is not drawing on her own projects, she designs characters, illustrations or book covers for her clients.

Nekos Pencil Art

Michèle, aka Nekos Pencil Art, zeichnet mit viel Liebe Tiere in den verschiedensten Formen. Neben Tier- und Fantasy-Prints, handgemachten Anhängern und jeder Menge Originale biete sie vor Ort auch die Möglichkeit, individuelle Tierportrait-Aufträge anzunehmen oder schon auf der Messe einen tierischen Sketch zu zaubern.

Pustelny Illustration

Nicole Pustelny is a passionate illustrator. She loves to bring small things into focus with watercolour and gouache. A few years ago, she ventured into the world of insects and since then these little creatures have been a central theme of her work.

Her mission: to arouse curiosity, to rediscover the love of the everyday, to capture the romance of small things.

Schl4fmuetze Illustration

Schl4fmuetze enters the artist alley ring this year and brings oodles of creative misdeeds. From dragon artwork, shiba stickers and cute tags to popular and well-known characters, there's everything your heart desires.

Square Factory

Graz-based artist Manfred Rohrer offers a wide range of products and services featuring his motifs: original artworks, prints, commissioned works, merchandise. His works explore various themes and influences, including above all people, animals, nature, life, death and beauty. Social, cultural and political themes also influence his surreal images, which range from profound and thought-provoking to humorous or dreamy.


Gathuldis and Zombro - that's us, the artist duo behind Tintenkrach. In our assortment you will find a wide range of artworks, including artprints, originals, shirts, handprinted screenprints, pins and much more. Our artistic worlds couldn't be more different, but that's what makes Tintenkrach.
Together we are an exciting mix of colorful and dark worlds colliding, spiced with a touch of cuteness and a dash of horror.